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Please remember: We try to fulfill every wish, but unfortunately sometimes we lose this fight. For this reason we can't give the guarantee of a table at the requested position. For online reservations for the same day there´s also no guarantee. Thank you for your appreciation. Please observe that we will keep a table no longer than 15 minutes after the confirmed time. If you are behind schedule or want to cancel, please contact us by phone. Thank you.
Unfortunately, bookings for the same day are not always possible.
All booking requests via or opentable will be confirmed by us to be valid.
We apologize for inconvinience.
Please remember (from 8 persons on): Because of the kitchen in YOSOY is not so big and owing to the good demand for our restaurant according to date and time it is necessary to arrange your dining orders in advance, to prevent from longer waiting periods for your group.
À-la-carte-orders in advance or on-site are normally not possible.
Please ask for details at our reservation hotline 030-28391213 daily from 12 am to 4 pm.